From the recording Take Me To Confession

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Take Me To Confession

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Music and lyrics by Chris Franklin

Che Prasad: Guitar, banjo, accordion, vocals

Mikie Lee Prasad: Guitar, piano, vocals

Alex McMurray: Lead guitar

Dan Stanton: Bass

Michael Urbano: Drums and Percussion

Dan Stanton: Bass

Chris Franklin: Backing vocals

Luke Allen: Backing vocals

Indigo Waters Prasad Backing vocals

Cover art by Ken Jacobs and Adam Koford


Take Me To Confession
Music and lyrics by Chris Franklin

Well you left me in the morning
I didn’t ask you to stay
You took all of the liquor
Threw your wedding ring away

You drove off in my Buick
I picked at my eggs
I remembered your mascara
I remembered your legs

Some tomcats prowl
Some tomcats beg
Well I’m no beggar
So take me to confession

Well you left me in the morning
By noon I didn’t care
Been nine months since I had a breath
Of Crescent City air

Now all of the princes and all of the popes
They sharpened their razors, they’d coiled all their ropes
But they never could kill all my filthiest hopes
I’m back, so take me to confession

Well you left me in the morning
That night the Rose was buzzin’
Luke was on the juke box
I was dancing with your cousin

I’m knee deep in tobacco and girlie magazines
Drinking whiskey from a pitcher in a purple limousine
Doing eighty in reverse through the streets of New Orleans
Screaming “Driver! Take me to confession!”