No Such Thing As Frankenstein

Che Prasad

For Halloween, singer songwriter multi-instrumentalist Che Prasad is releasing a new song on El Che Records entitled “No Such Thing As Frankenstein”. The song imagines what it would be like if Dr. Frankenstein was married, and the stresses that building a monster would have on a relationship. Che Prasad explains “It’s also about child rearing”. He quickly adds that being married to him is nothing like being married to Dr. Frankenstein. His wife was not available for comment.

The cover art was done by Marin artist Ken Jacobs (the Shark Alley Hobos's own Smokey Joe!) and features a Frankenstien-enhanced image of Che’s own daughter, Indigo. A girl with a love of science, Indigo said, “I hope the song is not about me”. Indigo is Che’s only child.

Che Prasad also notes that “The Shark Alley Hobos’ last full album was a musical tribute to the movie Jaws and had many of the same challenges that piecing together a Frankenstein monster might have”.

Enjoy Che's new Halloween single!

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