From the recording Christmastime in the Apocalypse

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Christmastime in the Apocalypse

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Lyrics and music by Che Prasad
El Che Records 2017

Che Prasad: guitar, sitar, banjo, ukulele, accordion, vocals
Mikie Lee Prasad: guitar, bass, piano, organ, vocals
Michael Urbano: drums and percussion

Zombie Chorus: Dave Bell, Chris Franklin, John Howard
Zombie Kids: Indigo Waters Prasad, Daisy Lee Prasad

Produced by Mikie Lee Prasad
Mixed by Dave Bell and Mikie Lee Prasad
Recorded at Bellboy Recording Studio, Richmond, CA by Dave Bell
Mastered by Ken Lee

Cover Art by Adam Koford


lyrics and music by Che Prasad

Put your ornaments away
Close the door and lock it tight
Take a moment to remember
On this unholy night

Is there something that you want
Is there someone that you miss
It’s just Christmastime
In the Apocalypse

It happened so fast
Took St. Nick by surprise
Sugar plums withered to prunes
Children’s laughter turned to cries

Some called it Judgment
Or just the Yuletide Flu
Didn’t spare Santa’s helpers
Not the Christians or the Jews

Were you naughty or nice
Too late to make a list
It’s just Christmastime
In the Apocalypse

It starts with a tickle
Then it burns with a fever
Saw what it done to Pa
Now I’m a true believer

Your eyes go grey
Your body starts a heavin’
You feel a wanderlust
Even though you ain’t breathin’

Keep that mistletoe a-hanging
For one last final kiss
It’s just Christmastime
In the Apocalypse

Those that went first
Some said the lucky ones
Left us no time
To get our shopping done

They shuffle through the mall
And wander aimlessly
Except for they’re undead
It’s kind of like it used to be

The Christmas tree is firewood
A zombie chorus gives a hiss
It’s just Christmastime
In the Apocalypse

The sirens are ringing
Instead of Christmas bells
That man in red ain’t Santa
He’s got a pitchfork, and a tail, can’t you tell?

The workshop is abandoned
Unfinished toys on the shelves
St. Nick’s looking rounder
He’s feasted on his elves

That scratching on the rooftop
Maybe Reindeer? Don’t you wish
It’s just Christmastime
In the Apocalypse

A mall Santa staggers
Looking for that little kid
Hoped he’d see another Christmas
Never found out if he did

When Frosty came to life again
We all grabbed for his hat
He was foaming at the mouth
I knocked his head off with a bat

Now Rudolf and the Bumble
Are running for their lives
While little zombie elves
Chase them with forks and wooden knives

Now it’s Zombie Cindy Lou Who
Who is looking for the Grinch
His heart is growing smaller
She draws closer inch by inch

As Jesus blows his candle out
No need to make a wish
It’s just Christmastime
In the Apocalypse

A rhythm echoes the streets
Like a funeral drum
That little desert drummer boy
He foretold this day would come

The ghosts of Marley
Both of Jacob and of Bob
Watch as the worlds ends
In a blood bath zombie mob

Grab the star off the tree
It’s got some pointed ends
Take aim at the brains
Of our dear departed friends

When Good King Wencelas rose up
The snow was uneven
There was a gruesome feast that night
That feast was cousin Stephen

I crave your gingerbread cookies
Your fruitcake I’ll never miss
It’s just Christmastime
In the Apocalypse

The holidays can be so lonely
When you are but a few
Even worse to be surrounded
By people that you knew

We live on chestnuts and dried berries
Helps keep us on our toes
Jack Frost has gone zombie
Wants more than your nose

Twas the night after Christmas
A man in red fur and white gloves
Sat alone in a snow bank
No answers from above

I miss Christmas Eve
And all the holiday cheer
Despite the zombies and mayhem
I’ll wait for it again next year

Now the world’s gone to hell
You’ve got nothing left to sell
But your soul
With no power and no heat
Take the stockings from your feet
And pray for coal

You were always so fragile
You think I would have learned
But I kept hope alive
Even on the night you turned

What do baby zombies eat?
When they’re hungry they still cry
She’s staring at me so sweet
But with a funny look in her eye

Is there something that you want
Is there someone that you miss
It’s just Christmastime
In the Apocalypse