From the recording Those Days Are Gone

Here is a rare version of one of Mikie's classic tunes “Those Days Are Gone”. This version was recorded with his long time friend Ben Wagner to be included on a second never-to-be-released album by his group the Shambles. Mikie and Ben were the heart of the Shambles—in fact, they were the Shambles--playing all the instruments and singing all the songs (with an occasional special guest). The first Shambles album (also never officially released) became the soundtrack to our trips to Denver. I still listen to it in the rental car when I am in Denver. The first album reached bootleg status and developed a cult following of sorts. The much anticipated second album has not reached bootleg status—yet—but the music is great and should be shared with fans of Mikie's and Ben's music. Here is “Those Days Are Gone” from the fabled Shambles lost album…

Lyrics and music by Mikie Lee Prasad
Cover layout: Ken Jacobs (Smokey Joe)