1. Ho Ho Hobo

From the recording Ho Ho Hobo

Music and lyrics: Che Prasad
Performed by the Shark Alley Hobos
Album artwork: Ken Jacobs (aka Smokey Joe)
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Bellboy Recording Studio, Richmond CA

El Che Records 2019


Hobos heading home for Christmas
In a boxcar full of coal
Close your eyes
Dream of pie
And whiskey

Home ain’t far they tell you
Just another stop or two
Ride those rails
Like setting sail
For nowhere

Ho Ho Hobo
Ho Ho Ho

You can’t show up empty handed
Presents been hard to find
Pockets with holes
Bells with tolls
Are ringing

No need for fancy wrapping
Old newspaper will do
Trying to hide
What’s inside
That’s broken

Ho Ho Hobo
Ho Ho Ho

Christmas Eve
Long ago
Friends and booze
The shine on your shoes
Where’d they go?

The Yuletide is out now
Leaving you washed up on shore
Follow the stars
To any old bar
That’ll have you

Ho Ho Hobo
Ho Ho Ho

Frost turns your grey beard to white
Belly is round, full of gin
Cheeks that glow
Red shiny nose
Like Rudolf

Ho Ho Hobo
Ho Ho Ho

Ho Ho Hobo
Ho Ho Ho